Like through a keyhole...

Like through a keyhole,
I am trying to see now, 
is anyone home?

A face like a stone,
 I am looking into your eyes,
and I see stormy skies,
 how can I break
 down those lies?

 I see beyond your walls 
and hear a dying pulse 
from the poison 
of a hope that’s false, 
your panic sends out calls,
 but the echo is lost,
too many boundaries

I try to stand here and knock
 but the door is yours to unlock, 
I know I seem like an outsider 
but it’s the same battle
 and  I am a fighter
 I want to make
 your burden lighter 
but life is on a timer 
it is your map
to decipher.

Find the pathway through, 
that’s what I am here to do.  
So let me in, let’s begin 
I am no salesman 
but I traverse
 the world within.

Breaking the silence is hard,
but if you open what is barred,
and drop your guard,
I have the missing part,
inside the place of hurt. 

You see  you define my art,  
sink below the surface
 and let us find a
 deeper heart.


(Inspired by a specific prison in Paraguay
where most of the men were like phantoms
of a life that once was living)

Like through a keyhole...

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