My Inspiration

We pass through time, we pass through space,
we search for purpose, yet always make haste.
Feeling as if alone on the planet, yet everything we are given we take for granite.
Distracted by a pull that comes from within, yet to resolve this pain, don’t know where to begin.
Like books in a library we each contain an inner story. 
But what if the deepest secrets written were not really hidden, and the worst of failures were already forgiven?
What if there existed a love so profound, that you were the only person God saw in a crowd?
What if He actually knew where you had come from and where you were going He did things to help you without you ever knowing?
No matter the past you may be escaping, the problems you might now be facing, 
the hopes you wish to be chasing, the Father’s arms are awaiting to reach out and embrace you.

My name is Elizabeth, even though we may have never met, I can sincerely say that I care about you. I am inspired to write this blog in order to touch you with the tender healing that Jesus offers through the depths of the Father’s love. 
 It is my hope to “Break the Paradigms” of this paralyzed society, out of the darkness, the light to shine and crystalize hope into your mind. To make a song from the cries, to break down all the lines and take the time to recognize that it is in the wind the spirit flies. To turn words into moving pictures and bring to life from the sacred Scriptures to build new bridges and ideas from the supplies of our  broken pieces and to find real healing in the wounds of the living Jesus.
I am touched by the individuals that I meet, the prisoners, the orphans, the homeless on the street, by the dawn of each and everyday and by everyone everywhere suffering in some way.

May your heart be opened,
and wounds be closed,
may you learn the secrets that no one
else knows.
May your worries be far
and answers be close.
May hope forever stay,
but all fears chased away.
May all pressures be released,
and the rivers of grace never cease. 
May the broken seed
grow into the largest tree,
and may you find the courage
to believe.


My Inspiration

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