In Another Life...

In another life, 

Louis would have known everyone on the train,

but he was hurt so he asked no one their name.

He would have won first place in the race,

 but decided he wouldn’t inscribe,

 but spend the time inside, 

who cares if he didn’t try?

She died, the older lady was his neighbor

 but he didn’t know anyone ever lived there 

she was rich and had no heir 

but he never took the time to care.

He had so many talents but his thoughts were so absent, 

never wondered what would happen 

with a mind that just stayed so stagnant. 

Fragments of life held together with a heartbeat

 didn’t like to speak, always felt so weak, 

never looked at someone’s eyes while walking down the street

 for he let self-pity drown him never saw the joy around him

 his wounds only bound him until his hope found him.

It started to rain as he got on the train, 

there was an older man who was lame. 

He had no legs but smiled just the same, 

looking up from his shame he said, 

“Young man, what is your name?”.

Louis said, “Thank you,

you just did what I could never do,

I thought my mind I just might lose.

 For I was hurt I carried much pain, for in another life,

 I would know everyone on the train but for the past fifteen years, 

I asked no one their name”

As he looked into everyone's eyes there in the train, 

they were begging for someone

 just to ask their name.


Everyone has a story, change yours...ask theirs

for you'll never have, "..Another Life"
In Another Life...

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