Pure Gold

In my life, I have seen

 a lot of fools gold,

everyone buys what

 they have been told.

God is sold with cheap 

and shallow words,

 "Just go to church",

but nothing ever touches 

the place that hurts.

On the surface,

 they are quick to say,

 the familiar line,

"Everything is great, I am fine"

yet their soul is a battlefield

 destroyed by the mind.

Image lacks the courage

 to find the language,

to ask if there is another way.

For pure gold is dug out

 of deep places,

found in solitary spaces,

in attitude changes.

It is given as wages 

to a humble heart,

one willing to turn the pages

to a new start, and stand guard

 from the hardness of mind,

 by believing that 

what you seek,

is what you will find.

 Don't look behind

 but go deep in the mine,

 and forge beyond 

to an honest


 For God's given proof,

is that pure gold is given 

to those who 

love the truth.


Pure Gold

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