To the very least...

I was hungry and you gave 
me something to eat,

I was homeless but you greeted
Me with a smile,
you talked awhile and went the 
extra mile.

You came to visit 
when I was in prison,

You led me home 
when I lost my vision.

You were there when
 I was sick in bed, 
with pain in my head,
you shared your bread,
 and hand fed me
 until I was better.

You opened your own home
 when I was a stranger,
 I wasn't even a neighbor 
and you protected 
me from danger.

You didn't change
 your grace,
 when I had no way to 
repay the favor
 but made me feel safer 
to stay there.

I was poor you asked my name,
 I had no shoes but 
you had no shame.

 You clothed me with warmth,
my arms were deformed,
 but your love transformed 
me with riches.

When I was cast down in the ditches,
you took the time to listen,
and didn't keep me
 at a distance.

For in this instance,
 whatever you did to the very least,
these are the things that you did unto 


To the very least...

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