Real Magic

I was sitting under a shade tree, when a butterfly came to me and its wing fluttered so fast it made me laugh as it landed quite candid in my hand it commanded my full attention. 

I have to mention that I felt a connection into a different dimension, it was like a magical extension of heaven, so light as it moved to my finger I hoped it might linger but it floated above me as if to love me with another moment it landed like a portrait on green leaf it did achieve its goal, for I believe in my soul that butterflies are God’s greatest mystery, just think if their history. 

Starting out as a worm-like all slippery a life of crawling in misery mostly prone to permanent injury as we don't notice them in the ground they roll round and climb on sticks, bricks and twigs. But in all the mix there exists a real-life magic trick. It's called metamorphosis and happens inside a chrysalis, I am no mystic, rather quite the critic but this isn't any gimmick. Who knows the specifics of the physics but the tiny dark cocoon is the womb to give birth to a second life. The worm dies inside its shell and another heart beats to the unfolding of yellow wings. 

How can this be? Two lives or one, where did the wings come from? Surrendering the life on the ground rendering a time with no sound enduring a death quite profound ensuring a second life will be found. So this butterfly is crowned as king that in what you can't see you must believe if you want the wings to rise above all things. 


Real Magic

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