Deep as Gravity

What's really going on inside
 your hurting soul?
Does any living person 
even really know?

You are feeling so alone,
like a leaf on a breeze blown,
yet hope is a hard
 and a buried stone.

Because the noisy world is
 silent to the hurting heart,
just don't register on 
the important chart.

Too busy wearing
their own mask,
to stop and ask
 or take on the 
caring task.

But God has eyes 
deep as gravity,
seeing all humanity's 
sad depravity.

He does not wish calamity,
He waits to give His 
love as sanity,
to lift you from
 your apathy,
help you in your tragedy,
and fill your heart's
 empty cavity.

He offers forgiveness 
to grant you amnesty,
His understanding
 is pure majesty.


Deep as Gravity

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